Tang Sancai is a kind of glazed pottery, which is a unique handicraft in China. The so-called three colors are not limited to three colors, and the products mainly composed of green, green and yellow are the most precious. Because it prevailed in the Tang Dynasty, it is also known as Tang Sancai.

What are the three colors of "Tang Sancai"?
What are the three colors of “Tang Sancai”?

Tang Sancai was the funeral of the dead in ancient times. According to archaeological findings, daily necessities, animals, and characters are common three-color products. Three pieces of three-color camel, which was unearthed in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, is the best of Tang Sancai found today. Watching this color, I saw the camel screaming, a colorful blanket draped between the double peaks, and four foreigners with high noses and beards sitting on the hunchback, each playing the instrument as if to play. This piece of work based on the “Silk Road” reflects the active interaction of the Tang Dynasty from one side. Camels and ethnic minorities have made Tang Sancai have a strong Western flavor.

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