Junk food trivia:Cauliflower Pizza Skin

Many people use broccoli as a pizza crust in order to reduce the heat in the pizza. This…

Many people use broccoli as a pizza crust in order to reduce the heat in the pizza. This is also true. Vegetables are always better than bread, right? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. “These cauliflower crusts usually add something like cheese and fat to bring the broccoli together, so although its carbon water may be lower, the calories are not low,” explains Jim Mumford, a gourmet writer for Jim Cooks Good Food podcasts. A piece of broccoli pizza skin contains 16% of your daily recommended cholesterol intake, 14% of saturated fat, 84 calories and 47% sodium.

Junk food trivia:Cauliflower Pizza Skin
Junk food trivia:Cauliflower Pizza Skin

Perhaps it is better to choose the original crust for other reasons than to deceive yourself. “Choose ‘healthy food substitutes’ may leave your body with key nutrients, which can cause problems in your health,” nutrition coach and private chef Samantha Eaton said, adding that carbohydrates and healthy fats are usually in the diet. First place.

Eaton pointed out that broccoli is good for health, but it may not be wise to replace it with a more popular carbon water. “Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the human body. When we don’t eat enough, the common symptoms are lack of energy, headache, constipation or diarrhea, sleep problems, want to eat carbohydrates, and weight loss,” she explained. If the ‘healthy version’ of the food is not as good as the original, then there is no pleasure to eat. Then we will feel very depressed, it is easier to find other food at that time or after to eat a pound to be satisfied.”

A better way is to choose a pizza pizza with more vegetables and no hot meat. This kind of nutrition is actually better than pizza with broccoli.

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