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Junk food trivia:Fried sweet potato strips

It’s a heartbreaking moment: Choosing fried sweet potatoes instead of French fries may not be as good as you think. “Fried sweet potato strips have a slightly lower amount of carbohydrates and higher vitamins, like vitamin A,” Italian nutritionist Emily Tills said in an email. But eating fried sweet potato strips will not consume less calories.

Junk food trivia:Fried sweet potato strips-3trivia
Junk food trivia:Fried sweet potato strips

In fact, the chain restaurant Friday sells a seasoned French fries with 320 calories and 16 grams of fat, while a fried sweet potato strip has 390 calories and 20 grams of fat. What's even worse, Tills said, "People choose to eat more sweet potato strips than French fries after they choose to eat the sweet potato strips."

Healthy sweet potato food method

It was the cooking stage of the fried sweet potato strip that ruined it. "No matter which one you choose, they are deep-fried and can be harmful to your heart health and make you grow meat," Laura Hallissey said. She advises people to eat sweet potato strips at home. She said: "The baked sweet potato strips are much healthier than the fried ones. With a small amount of olive oil and seasonings and then baked, the sweet potatoes can be made into a healthy side dish."


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