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Password trivia:What simple passwords are easy to guess?

It's not easy to construct a good password. Ideally, it must be well remembered and unique. Unfortunately, the secularity has bound the wings of our thinking, so sometimes we think of a unique password, but also unique to others.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) published the 100,000 most common passwords collected on the "Have I been pwned?" website. This is undoubtedly a warning, reminding us to change the password.

Password trivia:What simple passwords are easy to guess?-3trivia
Password trivia:What simple passwords are easy to guess?

Not surprisingly, the most frequently used is still "123456", a total of 23.2 million accounts use this as a password; the second is "123456789", which won the hearts of 7.7 million users. Followed by "qwerty", "password" and "1111111", their users are between 3 million and 4 million. One of my favorite passwords is "trustno1 (can't believe anyone)", this password shows that we are more inclined to give advice than others to listen to others; and more than 200,000 people use "screat (secret) "The word, in fact, the word itself is very funny. The agency also pointed out that some people will use common groups as passwords, such as musician names (blink182, 50cents, eminem), fictional characters (Superman, Naruto, Tigger), and some common names (ashley) , michael, daniel).

Dr. Ian Levy, Technical Director of the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center, said in a statement: "Many people are not comfortable with network security, we understand, but the National Cyber ​​Security Center also gives you some advice to make your security more A little protection."

"We should avoid password reuse, and the risk will be reduced after knowing this. No one should use passwords that are easy to guess for sensitive data: their own name, local football team or favorite band. It's not possible. Using passwords that are difficult to guess is the first step to ensure security, so we recommend combining three random but hard-to-remember words. Be creative and easy to remember, so people won't guess. Your password."

The NCSC also published a survey of their findings on cybersecurity. Of those interviewed, 30% said they didn't care much or didn't care about cybersecurity; about 46% were confused about cybersecurity information. Only half of the respondents have a clear idea of ​​their money and privacy issues.

So thinking of a good password, or different accounts using different passwords, is the easiest way for individuals to improve their network security.


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