Experts believe that gestures, facial expressions and physical movements constitute 93% of interpersonal communication, and only 7% of communication is achieved through discourse. At the same time, our intentional and unintentional lies in the language also accounted for a considerable proportion.

If you want to know more about the body language, expressions and other rich information, you can go to related books such as behavioral psychology. For example, “Secrets of Body Language” and other documentaries, as well as “FBI teaches you to read the mind” “see the other party in the first time: FBI teaches you to break the body language” and other books.

Communicate trivia:Only 7% communicate in language
Communicate trivia:Only 7% communicate in language

But if you want to be “accurate,” this is a goal that will almost never be achieved…. Professional psychology research shows that your confidence level is negatively correlated with the accuracy of discriminating lies in discriminating lies. There is almost no difference in the ability to distinguish between professionally trained people and ordinary people. These can be understood in “Evil Psychology – The Reality of Facing the Nature of Lies.” To put it simply, in real life, the more confident people, the lower the accuracy of distinguishing lies; at the same time, as we imagine, the ability of people who lie, such as lie, police, and law enforcement to discern lies is better than Ordinary people are obviously higher than others.

There are a lot of professional studies that tell us some surprises. This is a very large, complex but dynamic research field with many branches and topics. To achieve “accurate” degree through amateur hunting, I have to say that this is really not realistic.

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