If you don’t know the history of Nokia, you certainly can’t think of it as a factory that produces wood pulp and paperboard.

The history of Nokia first began in 1865. At the time, mining engineer Frederick Edelstein built a wood pulp mill on a river in Tampere, Finland. The factory is located at the junction of Finland and the then Russian Empire, and produces wood pulp and paperboard from local trees.

Nokia trivia:Nokia started making paper companies
Nokia trivia:Nokia started making paper companies

In 1868, Edelstein established his second factory, the rubber processing plant, on the Nokia River 15 km west of Tampere. In addition to producing boots and tires, the factory also produces industrial rubber products.
In 1871, with the help of friend Leo Michelin, Edelstein merged the two factories and successfully converted it into a joint-stock company. Edelstein became the first Nokia manager, and the two later took the company. The name is “Nokia”, and until today, the name remains.

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