Artillery trivia:The world’s most powerful mobile heavy artillery

As a kind of weapons of mass destruction, artillery has the title of war hammer in modern warfare.…

As a kind of weapons of mass destruction, artillery has the title of war hammer in modern warfare. In the era when the earliest missiles in the world were not yet born, artillery has the ability to control the situation and even determine the situation of the war. The main weapon of the target strike, the power of the artillery was constantly strengthened during the war until the emergence of the world’s most powerful artillery – Gustav train gun

Gustav’s name is again to the northern lion Gustav, Adolf, and the same name of the German head of state Hitler during World War II, so this super-artillery made in Germany in the world’s largest war has never been born. Destined not to be ordinary, this cannon represents Germany’s highest industrial level during the war, it was used to attack the French Maginot line, but it has surrendered before reaching Marcono France, so the first show of this artillery It was transferred to the battlefield of Sude.

Artillery trivia:The world's most powerful mobile heavy artillery
Artillery trivia:The world’s most powerful mobile heavy artillery

Gustav cannon is 42.97 meters long, 7 meters wide and 11.6 meters high. The caliber is 800 mm. The huge artillery must be fired by an independent artillery unit. The weight of this super artillery has reached 1350. To make it possible to move the cannon, the engineer designed three special heavy-duty transport trains for it, and in order to carry the 4 tons of shells into the raft, it also equipped a special crane, which transported the artillery. After transporting to the Sude battlefield, more than 1,400 people assembled it in three weeks.

On June 5, 1942, the world’s most powerful artillery, first appeared in the Crimean battlefield of Crimea, preparing to attack the fortress of Sevastopol, the crane behind the artillery will be heavy 7.1 tons of shells were sent into the shackles, a loud noise, and a large building and fortifications on the Soviet position were instantly razed to the ground. Even in the attack on the white cliff, one shot penetrated ten meters thick. The concrete fortifications detonated the ammunition depot, leaving the land of the white cliffs no longer there.

At the end of 1942, the artillery was sent to Leningrad, but due to the weather, there was no attack, so the huge artillery was transferred back to Germany for repair, and then until the defeat in Germany, the Gustav train gun did not appear in Germany. In the battlefield. Although the power of the Gustav train gun is huge, but the huge volume makes the artillery not play a particularly large role, especially the emergence of missiles and atomic bombs in the late World War II, so that the artillery completely launched the stage of war. .

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