The first product to be barcoded was Wrigley’s chewing gum. Barcode technology was first produced in the 1920s in the United States and was born in the Westinghouse laboratory. A whimsical inventor named John Kermode wanted to automate the sorting of postal documents, and every idea of the application of electronic technology was very novel.

Barcode trivia:The world's first bar code product
Barcode trivia:The world’s first bar code product

His idea was to make a bar code on the envelope. The information in the barcode is the address of the recipient, just like today’s postal code. For this reason, Comande invented the earliest bar code identification, and the design scheme is very simple (Note: This method is called module comparison method), that is, one “bar” indicates the number “1”, and two “bars” indicate the number “2” “, by analogy. He then invented a bar code reading device consisting of basic components: a scanner (capable of emitting light and receiving reflected light); a method for determining the reflected signal strip and space, ie edge-positioning coils; and using the measurement results The method is the decoder.

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