Airman 1st Class Ashley Turner was stationed at Naval Air Station Keflavik in Iceland in 2005 when she was savagely murdered near her dorm room. Her parents learned through an Iceland paper posted on the Internet that their daughter had been murdered, after military investigators simply stated that Ashley had died of trauma to the head and neck.

20-year old Ashley had been stabbed in the head and neck, but this seemed to be the only straightforward information about her murder. There were several incorrect death certificates issued, no forthcoming assistance on death benefits and a lack of critical information from the military.

2019 Unsolved Mystery: Death of Ashley Turner
2019 Unsolved Mystery: Death of Ashley Turner

Eventually it was revealed that Ashley was to testify against a man accused of stealing from her. She was forced to live in the same dorm as this man. Airman Calvin Eugene Hill was charged with Ashley’s murder but acquitted in 2007. He did however plead guilty to stealing from her and was to face punishment for it. This, however, means that Ashley’s killer is still roaming free somewhere out there. 

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Blue Collar Scholar
Blue Collar Scholar
10 months ago

All available evidence points to a Negro being the murderer. However, the Military is afflicted with the same disease as the mainstream media and Negroes are held to a far lesser standard than are other races.