24-year old model, Ryan Singleton, left Las Vegas and headed back home to Los Angeles after a well-deserved vacation in July 2013. His car broke down in the Mojave Desert and a Highway Patrol officer offered to take Ryan to rest stop in Baker. When Ryan got to the rest stop, he phoned one of his friends and asked if he could come pick him up. The friend did not delay in driving to Baker, but when he arrived, Ryan was nowhere to be found.

2019 unsolved mystery: Ryan Singleton disappearance
2019 unsolved mystery: Ryan Singleton disappearance

Nearly 3 months later, Ryan’s body was discovered by two joggers two miles from where he was last seen at the rest stop. His eyes and internal organs were missing. An autopsy could not determine the exact cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition of the remains. Authorities believed the missing organs were due to scavenging animals in the area, but Ryan’s family believed otherwise. His mother insisted that her son had been the victim of “illegal organ trafficking.”

By December 2018, the case was still being investigated by police. Public opinion has it that Ryan had been murdered, regardless of whether animals were to blame for the lack of internal organs or not. Unfortunately, it seems the case has stalled with no new information forthcoming. Exactly what happened to Ryan, remains unknown.

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