8-year old Helen Bailey loved playing outside and left her Birmingham home to do just that on 10 August 1975. Her mother became concerned when her daughter failed to return at a specified time and contacted the police. The following morning, Helen’s body was found in dense woodland in the Booth Farm area. There was a cut to her throat which was deemed the cause of death.

2019 Unsolved Mystery: Little Girl Blue
2019 Unsolved Mystery: Little Girl Blue

Initially Helen’s (nicknamed Little Girl Blue because of the blue clothing she was wearing when found) death was not treated as suspicious, with the pathologist stating that there were no signs of a struggle and that the little girl’s death lacked certain hallmarks of an attack. Therefore, he stated that her death was accidental. In 2014, another pathologist reviewed the case and found that Helen had been strangled before the cut to her throat occurred. It was later revealed that someone ‘confessed’ to the killing in 1979 but was never prosecuted. In July 2019, coroner Louise Hunt was going to approach the CPS to ask whether they would reconsider prosecuting a suspect arrested and convicted on an unrelated charge, as he was the only existing suspect.

However, to date, Helen Bailey’s murder remains unsolved.

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