On 27 May 1980, 32-year old Dorothy Jane Scott attended a company meeting after dropping her son off at her parents’ house. There was nothing unusual about the meeting, except for a colleague suddenly complaining of severe pain. Dorothy offered to take the colleague, Conrad Bostron, to the emergency room. Another colleague, Pam Head, accompanied them.

Doctors established that Conrad had been bitten by a black widow spider and was given immediate treatment. He was discharged at 11pm, and Dorothy left the hospital to bring her car to the entrance. Pam saw the car leave the hospital parking lot, but Dorothy didn’t return to the hospital. Two hours later, Pam notified the hospital security that Dorothy was missing, and called Dorothy’s parents.

2019 Unsolved Mystery: Dorothy Scott disappearance
2019 Unsolved Mystery: Dorothy Scott disappearance

In the weeks and months that followed, police were informed that Dorothy had been stalked by an unknown male before her disappearance. Dorothy told a co-worker that the man had called her several times and mentioned events he could not have known about unless he has witnessed them. After Dorothy vanished, the man continued calling her house when her mother was there alone. When she answered the phone, the stalker would either ask for Dorothy or gleefully claim that he killed her. When Scott’s father picked up the phone in 1984, the calls ceased.

In August 1984, Dorothy’s remains were found buried underneath a dog in Anaheim Hills along the Santa Ana Canyon Road. After the discovery, the stalker called twice more asking for Dorothy.

To date, Dorothy’s stalker/killer has never been found. 

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