According to a report from extreme tech, the world’s largest pornographic website, xvideos, has 4.4 billion page views per month and 350 million identified views! That is to say, its traffic is second only to Internet giants like Google and Facebook!

Website Trivia:Xvideos, the world's largest porn site, hits 4 billion monthly clicks
Website Trivia:Xvideos, the world’s largest porn site, hits 4 billion monthly clicks

It is speculated that xvideos can transmit up to 1000 GB / S (or 1TB) of data at its peak, which is reported to be equal to 15% of the total data exchange between London and New York. Extreme Tech’s survey speculates that 30% of the world’s Internet traffic is related to pornographic content, of which youporn accounts for 2%.

The average time for users to stay in xvideos & mdash; & mdash; is about 15 minutes, and the adult video on youpon, the third largest, reaches 100TB, with a daily traffic volume of 100 million, (1TB = 1024 GB).

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