Toadstool is one of the most toxic bacteria. Common in hypoxic environment, soil, animal feces.

 Botulinum botulinum, which secretes botulinum toxin during reproduction, is one of the most toxic proteins and can cause muscle relaxation paralysis.
History of Botox and Discovery of Cosmetic Functions

Dangerous Trivia: Botox, the most dangerous substance on earth
Dangerous Trivia: Botox, the most dangerous substance on earth

After people ingest and absorb this toxin, the nervous system will be damaged, symptoms such as drooping eyelids, diplopia, strabismus, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, dyspnea and muscle weakness, and severe cases can die from respiratory paralysis. So in history, the military has used this toxin to make biochemical weapons.

One gram of botox can kill about 12 million people, and if a half-pound of pork contains botox, it can kill everyone on the planet.

It wasn’t until 1986 that a Canadian ophthalmologist named Joan Carrasso accidentally discovered that the drug used to paralyze muscles and nerves could make the wrinkles in patients’ eyes disappear. So she told her husband, a professor of dermatology, about this unexpected surprise.

Later, the couple began to collaborate on this subject, eventually introducing type A botulinum toxin into the field of skin wrinkles, and published a related report for the first time in 1990. Botox ”is a type of botulinum toxin for injection). China is the third country after the United Kingdom and the United States to be able to produce this beauty product on its own, and began to use it in 1999. Since then, the cosmetic industry has expanded its functions, such as using it to lose face and shape legs. As of 2014, the drug has been sold in more than 85 countries and sold more than 35 million bottles.

The effect of toxins is related to their dosage and mode of use. For botulinum toxin, the commonly used dose is very small, and it is injected intramuscularly, not directly into blood vessels.

Although botulinum toxin is said to be highly toxic, the botulinum toxin used for cosmetic surgery has been diluted about 400,000 times compared to biochemical weapons. In terms of specific data, its half-lethal dose to humans (referring to the concentration of the poison that kills half of the tested animals in the acute toxicity test of animals) is 40IU / Kg (IU is the abbreviation of International Unit, often used in medicine Use, such as vitamins, hormones, antibiotics in biological products. IU is not a unit of mass and has no direct conversion relationship with grams.), A patient weighing 50 kg has a LD50 of 2000 IU, and the dose for cosmetic wrinkle removal is only injection 0.1 to 1 ml of liquid 5 to 50 IU. Secondly, a very strict skin test is performed before the injection. As a highly toxic bacterium, many people will not adapt to it, and even people who have never had allergies before may be allergic to it.

The first thing to say is what types of people cannot inject botox: disabled in pregnant and lactating women; disabled with neuromuscular diseases such as myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis; disabled in patients with ptosis ; Disabled patients taking aminoglycoside antibiotics; disabled for very thin patients, because the muscles are too thin, easy to spread to surrounding muscles after injection, side effects occur; patients with allergies to albumin or allergic to botulinum toxin; disabled Do not use in patients with severe heart, liver, kidney, and lung disease and those with connective tissue disease.

Even if you do not belong to the above group, injection of botox may still cause some complications and side effects: such as local injection headaches; improper injections at the scalp line may cause drooping eyelids; improper injections at the crow’s foot line may cause diplopia and closed eyes ; Due to inaccurate injection dose, asymmetrical results will occur on one side and less on one side; occasional bleeding or hematoma will occur when puncture the blood vessel; large doses and repeated injections may cause immune complex disease; Can’t make all kinds of expressions and have a mask-like feeling (Many directors have refused to cooperate with actors who have played Botox because they have stiff muscles and can’t make normal emotions like emotions.) Sexual shock.

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