Where does the water on earth come from?

Water is the source of life and the foundation of all things. All life on earth is inseparable…

Water is the source of life and the foundation of all things. All life on earth is inseparable from water. It is precisely because the earth is covered with about 70% of the ocean that gave birth to what we know as the great world and all beings. So where does the water on earth come from?

There are two different views on the origin of water on the earth: one is that water has existed from the beginning; the other is that water was formed by the impact of the stars after the formation of the earth.

Where does the water on earth come from?
Where does the water on earth come from?

Many years ago, people tended to think that the water on the surface first accumulated in the earth. With the evolution of the earth for 4.5 billion years, the water accumulated underground gradually rose out of the ground and pooled on the surface. Probably since the time when the global material gathered together under the influence of gravity, water has already existed on the earth. This theory is still widely spread to this day, and when the volcano erupts, the water inside the earth does indeed come out in the form of water vapor.

But in recent decades, people have begun to think about the possibility that Puxing or similar stars will hit the surface of the earth and bring water to the earth. With the deduction of this theory, it is believed that most of these celestial bodies may be composed of water, so when they hit the earth, apart from a large amount of water, almost no geological traces are left.

Some of the largest and most important craters on the moon are about 4 billion years old, and about 90% of them are about the same age as the entire solar system. Many people’s explanation for this is that a large number of foreign objects hit the moon in the early days of the formation of the solar system. Some of these meteorites that bombard the moon may be similar to comet objects. People think that these extraterrestrial materials may be an important source of water on Earth. Based on this theory, the water vapor carried by the volcanic eruption may be the water that had previously penetrated into the ground due to the earth’s plate structure, but now it is just returning to the ground at the right time.


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