Residents in a housing estate in Ringsend, Dublin recently vied for prizes of Easter eggs and toilet paper in rounds of “Balcony Bingo”.

Resident Michael Larkin decided to ease the boredom of isolation. Kitted out in a protective boiler suit, Larkin handed out cards to residents, who then returned to their balconies to observe the strict 2 meter social distancing rules.

COVID-19 Trivia: Balcony bingo to block anecdotes
COVID-19 Trivia: Balcony bingo to block anecdotes

It was then “eyes down” as the numbers were called through a PA system. Larkin was amazed at the response his ingenious entertainment received on social media, with other nearby estates adopting the idea to amuse their elderly residents.

Meanwhile, in Shebyville, Kentucky, staff have ensured that the 1500 residents of their Masonic retirement village can still get their bingo fix.

Residents can be seen lined up with tables along a long corridor, marking off their bingo cards as their numbers are called from a nurses station at the end of the hall.

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