Spanish police were astounded to find a dinosaur on the loose, flouting strict isolation rules under their current lockdown. Many residents take advantage of the opportunity to take “Rex” for a brief walk, but it seems “T-Rex” doesn’t cut it with local authorities.

COVID-19 Trivia: T-rextreme measures to block anecdotes
COVID-19 Trivia: T-rextreme measures to block anecdotes

The Murcia resident was found dressed in a full, inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume as he took a stroll outside. It’s unclear whether the bizarre costume would protect him against COVID-19, but it certainly did not protect him from the wrath of local authorities. Police reminded residents that while they may be allowed to briefly walk their pets, “dinosaurs don’t count.”

Set to the “Jurassic Park” theme music, a video of the bizarre encounter has gone viral on social media.

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