In recent years, various food companies have launched various marketing slogans and promotional advertisements in order to expand the sales of their own products. For example, candy snacks such as dark chocolate have been packaged into a healthy food. Today we are going to talk about whether dark chocolate is really as healthy as they advertise?

In the publicity of the media, the flavanols in the cocoa in dark chocolate became the main marketing point. Those food companies have paid for the scientific research of flavanols, trying to prove the nutritional value of dark chocolate with scientific research certificates.

Chocolate trivia: Is dark chocolate healthy?
Chocolate trivia: Is dark chocolate healthy?

Although flavanols are present in cocoa, the cocoa content in dark chocolate is not as high as in other types of chocolate. Moreover, flavanols are ubiquitous in vegetables and fruits.

At present, after many scientific verifications, it proves that flavanol has obvious antioxidant effect, but from this point, dark chocolate does not have so obvious nutritional value.

So, dark chocolate is not that healthy.

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