Speaking of the role of small holes on both sides of canvas shoes, it can be traced back to 1930, when the world’s first pair of real basketball shoes-ConverseChuck Taylor Allstar was born, its predecessor was Allstar invented in 1917. But at that time Allstar did not have the iconic two small holes.
In 1908, Marquis Mills Converse founded Converse, a rubber products company that produced tires and rubber shoes.

In 1921, Chuck Taylor, a basketball player who played for the Celtics, joined the “All Stars” basketball team sponsored by Converse. Wearing Allstar every day, he proposed to modify the shoe design based on his wearing experience.

Shoes trivia: What do the two holes on canvas shoes do
Shoes trivia: What do the two holes on canvas shoes do

Coupled with Allstar’s excellent quality and design-the rubber sole has strong grip, high comfort, canvas uppers, wear-resistant, and high-top design can also protect the ankle from injury, making the basketball world at that time almost everyone has a pair of Chuck Taylor.

But as a pair of basketball shoes, in the age when shoemaking technology is not developed enough, it can’t completely fit everyone’s feet. So in 1932, Converse created two small holes on the inside of basketball shoes.

By passing through the two holes on the inner side of the shoelace, the tightness of the upper wrapping the instep can be accurately adjusted, making the shoes more comfortable and comfortable when the basketball player runs back and forth.

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