It is often said that humans are creatures at the top of the food chain. It can be said that other creatures are divided into two types, those that can eat and those that have not been studied. Now there is a third one, which is not allowed in animal protection countries. Look at the human table today, there are all kinds of insects, flying in the sky and running on the ground, the “five poisons” and “four evils” are all on the table, maybe one day the “four evils” can be eaten as protected animals , You can refer to Sparrow.

If it weren’t for the country’s prohibition, there might be a lot of rich ingredients on the table. Look at the zoo, it’s all “meat”. Many protected animals have begun to use artificial breeding, so that they can become delicious. , Such as crocodile, fox. Therefore, human beings are clearly well deserved to be the king at the top of the food chain.

Wikipedia trivia: It’s not human beings at the top of the food chain
Wikipedia trivia: It’s not human beings at the top of the food chain

But we are not standing so steady with our bare hands, but with the help of a lot of tools, otherwise we are purely humans, not to mention crocodiles, not even a bird can be caught, we must know that among other animals, they are all Relying on physical strength, teeth and fighting power. In the past, there was often a saying that beasts on the mountains cannibalize people. Today, if a lion in a zoo runs out, it can also cause panic in a city. Therefore, it is said that because of the intelligent and conscious brain of human beings, many tools can be invented, making humans gradually stand on the food chain. top.

If a simple human being is not allowed to use any tools, it is estimated that the pyramid of the food chain cannot be ranked high. There are piranhas and pythons in the water, sharks and whales in the sea, and tigers and lions on the land. There are vultures in the sky, and even a small bug in the tropical rain forest can say goodbye to the beautiful world if it takes a bite. Therefore, it should be human beings with smart brains relying on various tools, who are the king at the top of the food chain. What do you think about this?

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