There are many ways a person can have fun on their own. Adding diamonds onto stuff instantly makes it a luxury item. So how can someone have fun by themselves with a luxury item? Correct, a diamond encrusted dildo. This regal-looking sex toy took 15 years for Australian jewellery designer Colin Burns to piece together. He is quoted as promising a “Million Dollar orgasm” to the lucky lady who gets to use it – costing nearly 3 million Aussie dollars, you’d hope for at least 2. If the multitude of diamonds and sapphires that adorn the outside weren’t fancy enough, the dildo also comes with an in-built pearl necklace. Ahem.

Penis trivia: the most expensive diamond penis
Penis trivia: the most expensive diamond penis

Great care should be taken when operating this shiny lady pleaser – diamonds are beautiful, but also the hardest natural material. One spasm-induced slip and, well, there’s no need to draw a picture here.

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