Many people take great pleasure in popping on some snugly slippers to chillax and veg out after a long day at work. With these gaudy attempts at movie nostalgia, we can assume that the wearer would be walking on eggshells rather than basking in comfort.

Shoes trivia: crystal shoes worth $3 million
Shoes trivia: crystal shoes worth $3 million

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the iconic ‘Wizard of Oz’ movie in 1989, jeweller Harry Wilson decided to recreate the iconic ruby slippers. Instead of dainty little red sequins, Wilson added dainty little rubies – 4,600 of them. The total carat value of the shoes comes in at a whopping 1,350 in rubies and 50 carats of diamonds for good measure.

Cost of the original props from the movie at auction – $612,000
Cost of these 1980’s shiny repros – $3 million

Provenance be damned, bling is king.

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