How pure is the friendship between men and women? In order to clarify the couple’s estranged friend, the first topic was broken. In this study, 88 pairs of heterosexual (pure) friends were interviewed. They were asked to confess their impure thoughts and willingness to communicate with each other. By the way, they could guess whether they felt the same way. By the way, scientists promise to keep the whole process secret and ask everyone to pour out their little secrets as much as possible.

The result shows that the case is not as simple as expected, because in the eyes of boys, female friends are often more attractive than passers-by. But the opposite is true for girls. Once they categorize a man as a friend, his attractiveness will gradually disintegrate into a dog (or even lower than a dog).

Friendship trivia: men are the main culprit of no pure friendship
Friendship trivia: men are the main culprit of no pure friendship

In addition, the boy is not only easy to have a bad heart, but also projects his own ideas on the other side, which further leads to the illusion that she also likes me. It is not so much that he is too confident, but that he is too sentimental. If you leave it alone, sooner or later, romance will suddenly advance. Of course, because there are not many research samples, we can still believe that human nature is not so sinister. There must be a balance between men and women, which can make friendship last forever. Well Would anyone rather believe that there is really Santa Claus in the world?

Note: on the other hand, girls often bring the idea of “just friends” to boys and think that the other side thinks the same.

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