Scientists at Harvard University in the United States and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands have found that good living habits (regular exercise and healthy eating) can extend a person’s life span by about ten years. Related research results have been published in the “British Medical Journal” (British Medical Journal).

Data from more than 100,000 people around the age of 50 were used in the study, all of whom were healthy at the beginning of the study. Their physical condition has been monitored for more than 20 years. Later, the researchers noticed who among them suffered from cardiovascular disease, cancer, or type 2 diabetes, at which age these conditions generally appeared, and how long these people lived in the end.

Life trivia: ways to extend life
Life trivia: ways to extend life

In the end, the experts identified five risk factors: smoking, excessive drinking, unhealthy eating habits (intake of high-fat and high-sugar foods), low physical activity, and obesity (calculated based on body mass index). In the course of the research, it was found that women’s moderate alcohol consumption was: wine no more than 175ml and beer no more than 375ml; men’s moderate alcohol consumption was: wine no more than 350ml and beer no more than 750ml.

Based on the above factors, scientists can estimate a person’s lifespan when he or she is 50 years old.

The average life expectancy of women with 4-5 good living habits (healthy diet, physical exercise, total elimination of alcohol and tobacco, and maintaining normal weight) is 84.4 years, and the average life expectancy of women without any of the above habits is 73.7 years; for men In other words, the corresponding indicators are 81.1 and 73.5 years old respectively.

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5 ways to extend lifespan published in Scientific American

Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine and a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of San Francisco, California, found that aging is mainly caused by chromosomal defects, and excessive shortening of telomeres makes people show signs of aging. “Scientific American” magazine published five ways Blackburn gave to extend life.

  1. Facing pressure actively. The greater the chronic stress, the shorter the telomere length. Blackburn studied the mothers of children with autism and other chronic diseases and found that those who treat stress as a challenge and can withstand have longer telomeres. Because this helps increase the blood supply to the heart and brain, so that the cortisol level temporarily rises, which is conducive to decompression.
  2. Meditation. This is a simple and practical mental health care method that relaxes the nervous system through thoughts and achieves the purpose of refreshing and refreshing. Studies have found that family members who take care of idiots can meditate for 12 minutes a day for 2 months to improve their telomere health.
  3. Neighborhood harmony. Blackburn said that emotional neglect and the environment is full of violence and bullying will have a long-term negative impact on telomeres. A safe community environment and harmonious neighborhood relationships are conducive to telomere health.
  4. Get married and keep friendship. A study involving 298 people aged 65 to 74 found that the telomeres of married people are significantly longer than those who are not married. Blackburn said that maintaining long-term friendships also contributes to telomere health.
  5. Earn money. A good income will make telomeres longer, because earning money can make people feel more secure and relieve certain pressures.
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2 months ago

Diets high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while diets with animal products and highly processed foods are related to the prevention of many diseases.