One Small Step for Man, a lot of Pain for Mankind!

Want the feeling of walking on the moon, where you effortlessly bounce along due to the low gravity, but cannot afford the billions it would cost to get there? Well, in the 1970’s one toy manufacturer came up with the answer: Moon Boots!

Toy trivia: one of Moon Boots’ most dangerous toys
Toy trivia: one of Moon Boots’ most dangerous toys

These in effect were footwear with built in mini-trampolines! Sadly, apart from they resulted in many broken ankles, they were constructed of multiple metal spring that could pierce through the sole of the shoe, causing the wearer’s foot to be painfully impaled. Not surprisingly they proved very unpopular. And they are not to be confused with the more recent rubber band powered Moon Shoe or the Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots, neither of which work particularly well either!

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