Destiny, which went public in 2014, was built by Bungie, and its investment in development costs is close to $500 million (about 3.1 billion yuan).

“Destiny” is a new online shooting game created by Bungie, the creator of the “Halo” series, set in the mysterious future world. Players can create unique and powerful characters, customize the look and battle style, and explore the entire solar system.

Cost trivia: The current most costly game?
Cost trivia: The current most costly game?

The thing happened in the last city on the earth, 700 years ago, the “existing city”. The golden age of mankind has long ceased to exist. People live around the ancient ruins like the solar system. And a mysterious shape spaceship floats like a second sun over humans. No one knows where it came from, but what it does, but it has become a human protector. At the same time, strange alien monsters are constantly coming from the edge of the universe, wanting to occupy the earth and this “existing city.” Players will play the role of a young “knight”, receive missions to protect the remaining human sites, and explore the origins of these monsters, and finally defeat them.

“Destiny” has a fascinating story, a competitive multiplayer confrontation, a cooperative gaming experience, a broad open public battle zone, and a third-person gaming community to repair equipment and replenish ammunition for the next battle.

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