Game trivia: China’s first graphics online game

China’s first graphic online game has actually begun to take root, and that is the MUD version of…

China’s first graphic online game has actually begun to take root, and that is the MUD version of “King of Kings.” At that time, two graduate students, Chen Guangming and Huang Yuzhen, came to test the “high-performance decentralized system” studied in the paper. The MUD game of “King of Kings” came into being. Since this is only an academic project, it has not been commercialized. Because the server is built in the school lab, and the school interferes with avoiding excessive system resources, they also control the number of players in the game.

Game trivia: China's first graphics online game
Game trivia: China’s first graphics online game

However, this game is still loved by many players. After the follow-up development, “King of Kings” has become the largest MUD in Taiwan, and the number of online users has exceeded 1,000. Taking this opportunity, Leijue Information Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1999, becoming the first online game research and development company in China to apply graphical MUD technology in the commercial consumer market. The graphic version of “King of Kings” was born in this company.

From this point of view, the graphical version of “King of Kings” can be regarded as the “first person” of Chinese online games! After the game was released, Lei Jue also pioneered the operation of the account to open a new role to pay for the character card. In 2000, the national costume of “King of Kings” was officially opened. At the time of the millennium, the domestic computer network was still not developed, but the “King of Kings” reached the achievement of 10,000 simultaneous online in just one month. That was the peak number of online users that the server could afford at the time. After the expansion of the server in June of the following year, “King of Kings” reached an achievement of 50,000 simultaneous online.

As China’s first graphical online game, the pioneering nature of King of Kings is undoubtedly a true pioneer of online games in China. It represents a breakthrough in the translation of Chinese online games from text to images. . I believe that the players who have experienced the game of “King of Kings” will still remember it. Now, “King of Kings” is very likely to launch its replica version or transplant mobile. Can the former kings make a comeback? Let us continue to pay attention, wait and see!

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