The playing cards are divided into 52 original cards from 1 to 13, plus two king-card decks, and a deck of cards totals 54. Playing cards are divided into four different suits, each of which represents a different meaning. There are 3 flower cards removed from the 1 to 10 digital cards in the official cards of 1 to 13, and each flower card has a great future.

Today, let ’s take a look at the oldest K in the flower card. What is the origin of the four different old Ks?

Poker trivia: who are the four K-printed characters?
Poker trivia: who are the four K-printed characters?

First of all, Spade K represents David, the second king of ancient Israel. He holds a short sword, his eyes are soft, and his hair is curly, revealing a kingly style. During his lifetime, David led the kingdom of ancient Israel to defeat the surrounding Philistines and built a great kingdom of ancient Israel.

Heart K is for King Frankman Charlemagne. As one of the four king cards, Heart K is also the only card without a beard. The reason why he does not have a beard is because the artist was carving wood. He accidentally scratched his beard.

Plum K represents the Alexander the Great of the Kingdom of Macedonia, the legendary monarch who once built the empire of Alexandria across Asia and Europe by himself, because he likes to wear a cross on his clothes, so the character of Plum K In the middle, he also held the cross.

The square K represents the Caesar Emperor of Rome, he is the dictator of Rome, laid the embryonic form of the Roman Empire, is a very great figure.

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