A 14 year-old boy named David Gibbons woke his mother up at 1 a.m. one morning complaining of groin pain. Apparently, he had been playing a game called, “Sack Tapping” with other boys at school that day. One boy punched him in the testicles so hard that it was still hurting badly.

His mother took him to the hospital where doctors removed the boy’s right testicle. “This may be called a game, but it’s not a game,” the mom said. “It’s dangerous and it needs to stop.”

Wrong children's game: Sack Tapping Game Leads To Testicle Removal
Wrong children’s game: Sack Tapping Game Leads To Testicle Removal

Urologist Dr. Scott Wheeler told a Minneapolis TV station that he thought the problem had gotten, “…way out of control.”

Dr. Charles Raison, an associate professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, believes he knows why boys play the game, “Games like this are to see how tough you are…It’s a way of establishing dominance and because it’s hard to withstand being hit in the groin, it becomes a good measure of toughness.”

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