Of course, since this is a game that basically forces one to exercise and learn, some Americans are always going to find a way to avoid those things—and others will immediately learn to profit by helping them. In several large cities, it only took a matter of days before craigslist ads started to pop up advertising a service which is begging for a proper name: chauffeuring around Pokemon Go players who want to catch ’em all without doing all that walking.

This is particularly helpful (or underhanded, depending on how you look at it) because of two of the game’s features. “Pokestops” are physical places (usually public) where players can collect virtual items, and “Gym Trainers” are physical locations where collected Pokemon can be powered up. Getting to these spots quickly can give players an obvious advantage, and some are paying up to $30 per hour to enterprising drivers.

Pokémon Trivia: It’s Created A Profitable Side Business
Pokémon Trivia: It’s Created A Profitable Side Business

Ads are boasting all types of amenities, from snacks and drinks to Wi-Fi to advance knowledge on the driver’s part of all Pokestops and Gym Trainers in the area. While a dedicated app for this purpose has not yet arrived, it’s only a matter of time. And while this is merely the first and most obvious Pokemon-related service to spring up after the game’s release, it seems safe to say it will be far from the last.

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