How much do you know about the earth you live in? In addition to life on the surface, does life exist in other dark areas? For example, the underground world. Is there really an underground world? How high is the temperature in the center of the earth?

There is no drilling rig that can drill to the center of the earth, so all can only rely on speculation. Scientists tried to use seismic waves to prove that the earth is solid, but the seismic waves eventually spread to the side rather than to the center, so there is no basis for the earth to be solid. However, there are many magical legends about the underground world.

Earth trivia: How high is the core temperature inside the earth?
Earth trivia: How high is the core temperature inside the earth?

On December 24, 1965, “Belder’s Diary” was exposed. It recorded an adventure between Rear Admiral Bayer of the U.S. Navy and the civilization of the underground world in 1947. Baider wrote in his diary that he led an expedition in 1947. , From the North Pole into the underground world, what is incredible is that Baird actually saw a valley full of green trees, and there are streams flowing through the valley. This is the world where the Arctic should be snow and ice! Baird also discovered a huge flying saucer base and extinct animals and plants on the ground. The flying saucer base is also inhabited by a high-tech “superman”.

The Russian physicist Fedor Nivelin believes that the earth was just a huge cold mass floating in the universe at the beginning. Under the influence of the sun and the energy of the universe, it began to be heated and turned into a state of lava. It began to cool slowly, and a hard rock layer formed on the surface of the earth, but the lava underneath the rock layer still kept boiling. The magma continued to expand when heated, forming gas that diffused out of the earth. After hundreds of millions of years of this expansion and diffusion , The center of the earth has actually become a “huge empty shell”.

Scientists now speculate that the center of the earth is liquid iron and nickel, but iron and nickel are both extremely dense objects. Although the sum of the gravitational pulls of the various layers on it is zero, there are also the gravitational force of the sun and the moon and the centrifugal force of the earth’s rotation. Will definitely leave the center of the earth.

So far, the internal structure of the earth as discovered by mankind is a concentric ring structure, which is divided into crust, mantle, and core from the surface to the core. The core is divided into two parts: the inner core and the outer core. The closer the interior of the earth is to the center of the earth, the higher the temperature. Scientists have speculated that the temperature of the outer boundary of the earth’s core is 3500℃, the temperature of the outer boundary of the inner core is 6300℃, and the temperature of the very center of the earth is as high as 6600℃, which is 1000℃ higher than the surface temperature of the sun.

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