As its name suggests, the Baye Island National Marine Park is a protected sea area. People on the island are forbidden. Of course, there are no restaurants or tourist shops. It is a pure natural sea area with clear water, and sometimes you can see sharks coming to shore. The most special thing is that when you snorkel, there will be small sharks around (will not attack people). According to the local industry, if you are lucky, you can see big sharks!

This is the scenery along the way to the island, which is not bad. The sun is strong and the wind is strong. You must wear sunglasses when you go. The boat trip takes about two hours, which is super long! People who are afraid of seasickness, bring their own seasickness medicine!

Park trivia: The most dangerous marine park in the world!
Park trivia: The most dangerous marine park in the world!

This is the main entrance of the Bare Island National Marine Park. From a distance, you can see the corals in the sea. The sea water is like a blue gem.

The most important thing here is to play snorkeling! Before preparing to snorkel, go to the door to get equipment. The water quality of the Bare Island National Marine Park is really clear, and you can see all kinds of plankton on the bottom of the sea at a glance. This is a close contact of a snorkeler with small sharks.

In a while, the small sharks will gather more and more. The tour guide said that there are many small sharks here, and you can swim with them here. It is quite interesting to watch these little sharks swimming by when snorkeling, but you have to be careful. If you are lucky, you may encounter big sharks here.

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