This little island near the Isle of Sheppey in the county of Kent, lying in Medway estuary where the Swale meets the river. Like any bona fide creepy island, it is off limits to the general public. But why would this place in the so-called ‘Garden of England’ be creepy, save its name? For once, the name really does say it all.

Location trivia: Deadman’s Island, England, a scary place
Location trivia: Deadman’s Island, England, a scary place

About 200 years ago, England had a real issue with where they could house the nation’s prisoners. Gaols were full and you couldn’t just hang everyone. Given that Britain’s empire spanned the globe, there were a lot of ships going back and forth. So prison hulks were born (large ship that would house prisoners prior to shipping them off to some far flung corner of the world, like the one alluded to in the opening of Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations’). Deadman’s Island is covered with the bones of many such men and boys, probably those who died of disease aboard the cursed ships. Amongst the rocky outcrops, sand and shells on the island, you’ll just as likely spot a jawbone, femur or an eyeless skull staring back at you. Great fishing spot, though…

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