Graveyards are inherently creepy. This ‘graveyard’ does not house mouldering corpses under the ground, though. Rather, it’s a sort of above ground graveyard for soviet-era Russian and Cuban aircraft.

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Location trivia: Pearl’s Airport, Grenada, a scary place

Pearl’s was Grenada’s first airport, opening in 1943 before quickly being taken by the Allied forces as a military air base during the second world war. By 1979, the Grenadian government had been taken over by a Marxist-Leninist party named the ‘New Jewel Movement’. Over the next few years, Grenada looked like many tin-pot communist states—rife with corruption, coups and extrajudicial murders. This prompted the USA to invade. During the American occupation of Grenada in the early 80s, the airport was captured by the 8th marine regiment and used as their base of operations.

The creepiness here is that the disused airport serves as a reminder of a bloody invasion, a totalitarian regime and a time the world nearly went up in flames.

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