When you imagine a ghost town, images of a mining community left to be consumed by the encroaching desert somewhere in the Western US is typical. A place where the promises of the gold rush never materialised. You probably didn’t have a Brahmin settlement in Rajasthan in mind, did you?

Location trivia: Kuldhara, India, a scary place
Location trivia: Kuldhara, India, a scary place

Centred around a temple to the mother goddess (possibly Parvati), which shows remnants of statues depicting Ganesha, Vishnu and the Asura Mahishasura as well as an unnamed , local horse-riding deity. Local legend has it that the villagers were driven out by a lecherous man named Salim Singh who wanted to claim a local girl for himself. He sent guards to collect her, but the villagers sent them away ’til the next morning. When the guardsreturned, the village was abandoned. Before they left, the villagers cursed Kuldhara, causing all who tried to live there to be plagued by supernatural entities.[5]

Or the village became gradually depopulated by the 1890s due to a dwindling water supply…

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