n first glance, this is a classic example of a Japanese castle—magical, like something from a Studio Ghibli film. But scratch the surface and you’ll learn about the creepy folklore associated with Himeji Castle. And, much like horror classic ‘Ringu’, there’s a creepy well on site.

Location trivia: Himeji Castle, Japan, a scary place
Location trivia: Himeji Castle, Japan, a scary place

The story of how an evil, plotting samurai named Tetsuzan had his plot to murder the Castle’s lord, Norimoto foiled by a beautiful servant named Okiku is a sad ghost story. Okiku confided in her lover, a brave warrior named Motonobu, telling him of Tetsuzan’s plot to seize Himeji Castle. Motonobu told Lord Norimoto who feld. Tetsuzan’s evil servant, a man called Danshir, learned that it was Okiku who had leaked the plan. Seeing her beauty, the evil Danshir decided to have her for himself, finding someone else to blame for the foiled plot. She rebukes him 3 times, choosing her love for Motonobu over her safety. Danshir kills Okiku in a jealous rage and throws her body down the well. It is said that, if you find yourself near the well at night, you can hear her frantic whispers emanating from the well.


I’ll just get some macha soft serve ice cream and some dango on a stick, please.

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