There is something tragically beautiful about this monument found in the wilds of the Brecon Beacons mountains in South Wales— The obelisk marks the place where the body of a little boy who got lost was found, now often used as a landmark for hikers who are uncertain of their location when the mountains get foggy. This is much less a simple memorial than a tool to avoid future tragedies.

Location trivia: Tommy Jones’ Obelisk, Wales
Location trivia: Tommy Jones’ Obelisk, Wales

The far more famous story of ‘The Lady of the Lake’ often overshadows the (far less mythological) story of Tommy Jones, but it’s worth knowing: Tommy was a 5-year-old boy from the coalfields of the Rhondda valley who was on his way to visit his grandparents who lived on a farm near the ancient town of Brecon in 1900. He met up with his grandfather and William, his 13-year-old cousin, with whom he set off to tell his grandmother that he had arrived and to expect his dad too. At some point, little Tommy got scared of the dark and decided to head back to his father had been. He never made it back. The family and some soldier who were rifle training nearby began the search immediately. Nothing. A few weeks went by, with searches of the wild countryside conducted every day until, a month later, Tommy’s body was found where the monument now stands.

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