Indians take the train and feel like they are standing outside the carriage, but if you see the Maharaja Express, the most luxurious train in India, you will be shocked, because the degree of luxury inside is completely beyond your imagination. You can enjoy the luxury you feel in the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and the cost is not so high, but in India, it seems that not many people are willing to spend the money to enjoy it.

Today I want to say that the Maharaja Express is the most luxurious and expensive luxury slow train in Indian history. It is a special tourist train from Mumbai to Delhi, funded by the cooperation of Indian officials and private capital, with a total investment of 13 million U.S. dollars. This is a magnificent magenta sleeper train, modeled after the private salon carriages of ancient Indian princes.

Train trivia: India's most luxurious and most expensive train.
Train trivia: India’s most luxurious and most expensive train.

On March 27, 2010, the “Maharaja Express” started its maiden flight in India. The cost per person per night was US$800 (approximately RMB 5,500), but the car was not full at that time, and the cheapest fare made it difficult for many people. Bear it, and now it is facing bankruptcy for a while.

The Maharaja Express focuses on the “Hindu Heritage” journey from Mumbai to Delhi. The route lasts eight days and seven nights, passing through the most famous sights in India, including the cave paintings of Ajanta, Rajasthan palaces and the glorious Taj Tomb, when you get off the train at each stop, you will be greeted by garland gifts and live music performances. Every tourist enjoys the treatment of a prince. In addition, there are dedicated staff on the express to provide passengers with private butler services and scenic guide services. .

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