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Mount Fuji is privately owned and not owned by the government.

Mount Fuji is privately owned and not owned by the government.-3trivia

Mount Fuji, which is a landmark of Japan, is actually rented by the Japanese government. It does not belong to state-owned land. Therefore, the Japanese government needs to pay high rents to the owner of the Mount Fuji, Asaku Shrine, every year.

There are 1,300 "shallow shrines" in Japan, and the main mountain, the base camp, is the home of Mount Fuji. It is said that Mount Fuji was originally owned by General Tokugawa Ieyasu. In 1606, Tokugawa Ieya gave Mt. Fuji to Asama Shrine. In 1871, after the Meiji Restoration, Japan promoted the nationalization of the land and made Mount Fuji a state-owned one. In fact, it was owned by the royal family. However, the Asama Shrine has been fighting. Until the end of the Second World War, the Japanese government returned some of the land of Mount Fuji to the Asama Shrine, but the Peak has been reluctant to return it to the shrine.

In 1974, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that the country would return the land on the top of the Shrine. However, the Japanese government still relied on it. It was dragged into 2004, and the Ministry of Finance of Japan officially recognized the land of more than 8 items (presumably at an altitude of 3,360 or above) as the private land owned by Asama Shrine. All, if we climbed the top of Mount Fuji, it actually entered the private territory, but the shrine did not collect tickets at the top of the mountain, although 300,000 people climbed the summit every year.

Who is Mount Fuji in the end? In fact, we have not finally made it clear, because the Japanese themselves often say it is not clear. Let me have the opportunity to ask the Japanese: "Which county does Mount Fuji belong to?" The vast majority of Japanese will say: "It is Yamanashi Prefecture." However, Shizuoka people will never be happy, because the information on Shizuoka Airport clearly shows: Our airport is located at the foot of Mount Fuji, and when the plane landed, we can see the majestic Mount Fuji.


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