As we all know, Bangladesh is a world-famous poor country, and its children’s living conditions can be imagined. During Dhaka, we often see street children, children on the street and children picking up garbage at the dump. Their poor living conditions are shocking. However, after reading a report on the BBC’s May 21 this year, we were still more violently earthquake-stricken. This report says that on May 18 this year, in a small village in southwestern Bangladesh, a wedding that looked quite unbelievable in other countries was held: a 12-year-old girl married a single A 14-year-old boy who is two years older than her. Although this thing seems quite unreliable, it is quite ceremonially ceremonially done by the local people. It is said that there were two civil servants of the local government at the wedding scene. They had tried every means to obstruct the wedding. However, even if the police intervened, it did not stop this illegal wedding!

Bangladeshi children have the highest marriage rate in the world
Bangladeshi children have the highest marriage rate in the world

According to international human rights organizations, Bangladesh is the country with the highest child marriage rate in the world. In this very poor country, young girls will be hurriedly married and moved to their homes as soon as they enter adolescence. According to rough estimates, 20% of women in Bangladesh marry a woman before the 15th birthday. However, it is ironic that the laws of Bangladesh clearly state that a woman under the age of 18 and a man under the age of 21 cannot marry!

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