Geography Trivia:10 Trivia about Chongqing
Geography Trivia:10 Trivia about Chongqing
  1. Chongqing has a Japanese garden
    Chongqing has an authentic Japanese garden, which was sent to Chongqing by the sister city of Chongqing, Guangyang Island, called Hiroshima Park.

  2. 2 four-kilometer source
    The source of four kilometers and five kilometers is the China-Myanmar highway, which is a major channel for materials during the Anti-Japanese War. “Is there still a long time to go to Chongqing?” “Five kilometers!” was shouted out like this. Haitang River is 1 kilometer, and so on, it is recorded as four kilometers, five kilometers… nine kilometers is an arsenal.
    3 Many place names with the word “North” belong to Yubei District.
    Many of Chongqing’s sounds are thought to belong to the Jiangbei District, which is actually in the Yubei District. For example, Jiangbei Airport and Chongqing North Station.
    4 Chongqing has a small noodle association
    Chongqing people’s love for small noodles may be difficult for outsiders to imagine, and Chongqing has its own small noodle association. The first time I heard this association, I thought of the Chinese small family…
    5 The bell on the Jiefangbei was sent by Rolex.
    Now the bell on Jiefangbei was donated by Rolex in 2007. This is the first time that Chongqing has used imported watches in public.
    6 Tiankeng seam refers to Xiaozhai Tiankeng of Fengjie
    When it comes to tiankeng seams, many small partners will think that Wulong’s natural Sancha and Longshuixia crevices are not. The tiankeng seam refers to the Xiaozhai Tiankeng in Fengjie.
    7 is a natural three “qiáo”, not a natural three “bridge”
    The word “硚” in the famous scenic spot of Wulong is not the “bridge” of the bridge. Many friends think that it is a natural bridge, including a certain encyclopedia.
    8 Chongqing is the first city in the west to open an international flight.
    On May 8, 2000, the first direct flight from Munich, Germany to Chongqing, arrived at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. This was the first international route to the European state in the western region at that time.
    9 Tushan Temple existed from the Tang Dynasty
    Tushan Temple has a long history, and the Tang Dynasty existed. In the Tang Dynasty, Bai Juyi, a great poet who was a thorn in the history of Chungju, once wrote a poem “Tushan Temple”. It was obvious that the temple was renamed Tushan Temple.
    10 Fuling also has a magical interchange.
    More magical road than Rongqiao Road in the South Bank is in Fuling, called Sports North Road. Rongqiao Road spared two laps to the bottom, and Sports North Road circled three and a half times to the ground.
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