Stefan Mandachi, a 33-year-old businessman from Romania, invested about $5,000 to build the “world’s shortest highway” with a length of only one meter and a completion ceremony on March 15, 2019. The purpose of the road construction was to satirize the serious shortage of the Romanian highway. The Romanian National Highway is only 806 kilometers long. How long is the shortest highway in the world?

The road is located next to a main road in Suceava, northeastern Romania. Suceava is the only area in Romania that does not have a freeway, and he has been tired of the government’s empty words that have admitted to improving the road for the past 30 years, so he decided to pay for his own money. Mandachi launched the campaign “Romania wants highways” and called on the public to pay attention to the problem of inadequate local roads.

The way Trivia:The shortest highway
The way Trivia:The shortest highway

On the day of the completion ceremony, nearly 100 supporters and fire trucks were on the scene, forcing the scene to pass. The country’s roads are inadequate, and many people have lost their lives. The death rate of local roads is the highest among EU countries.

Expressway means “a road that can adapt to the annual average day and night small passenger car traffic of more than 25,000 vehicles, which is specially designed for high-speed driving of car lanes and full control of access.” Although countries have different names for highways, they all refer to roads with more than 4 lanes, two-way separation, full control of entrances and exits, and all three-dimensional intersections. In addition, there are many countries that directly control the entrances and exits, and not all of them use stereoscopic cross-links, also known as highways.

In general, highways can accommodate speeds of 120 km/h or higher, and roads have a width of more than four lanes. Separation belts are arranged in the middle, using asphalt concrete or cement concrete high-grade pavement, with complete signs, markings, signals and lighting devices; pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are prohibited from walking on the road, and other lines are used for three-dimensional crossing, pedestrian overpasses or Passed through. As can be seen from the definition, in general, the highway should meet the following four conditions:
(1) Only for cars to drive at high speed;
(2) There are multiple lanes and a central separation zone to completely separate the round-trip traffic;
(3) having a three-dimensional intersection;
(4) The whole line is closed, and the entrance and exit control is only allowed for the car to enter and exit the road at some of the specified three-dimensional intersections.

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