We have already mentioned that Japanese trains are not allowed to be late. As it turns out, they are not allowed to be too early, either. In November 2017, a company apologized to commuters after its train on the Tsukuba Express line (which runs between Tokyo and Tsukuba) left the station 20 seconds early.

Train Trivia:Apologies For Trains Leaving Early
Train Trivia:Apologies For Trains Leaving Early

The train was supposed to leave the station at 9:44:40 AM but left at 9:44:20 AM because one of the workers forgot to check the timetable. The apology was necessary because of the same reliability the trains are known for. Twenty seconds is enough for last-minute commuters—who know the trains are always on time—to board.

In May 2018, an unnamed train company apologized again after its train left the station 25 seconds earlier than its 7:12 AM departure time. The conductor made the error when he shut the door at 7:11. He realized the error before the train left the station but did not reopen the door because he did not see any commuters on the platform.

However, there were commuters on the platform. The disappointed would-be passengers called the train company, which issued a public apology.

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