There are many items which left-handers struggle to use on a daily basis—scissors, can openers, and fountain pens, to name a few. But hamburgers? A well-known US fast food chain managed to dupe many burger-lovers in 1998 with their new “Left-Handed Whopper,” which would be much easier for left-handed patrons to eat.

April Fools' Day Trivia:Mischief called left-handed hamburger
April Fools’ Day Trivia:Mischief called left-handed hamburger

Burger King placed a full-page newspaper add, showing how while the main ingredients of their popular burger remained the same, the condiments were placed on the other side of the burger to make it easier to eat left-handed. The joke seems so silly that it’s surprising how many patrons actually went into the restaurants asking for the new left-handed burger.

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