There are territorial disputes between many countries in the world, but at the border between the Egyptian and Sudanese borders of the African continent, there is an inland area called Bir Tawil that is unclaimed.

Egypt and Sudan have not only turned a blind eye to this piece of land of more than 2,000 square kilometers, but they have simply avoided it and both refused.

Of course, this is not unreasonable.

In the end, it was still the British “thundered mine”. Egypt and Sudan were both British colonies in Africa. Of course, it is impossible for the United Kingdom to centrally manage such a large area of ​​land. Therefore, it was divided into 22 degrees north latitude in 1899. boundary.

Territory Trivia:Where is the territory of the unclaimed country of the world?
Territory Trivia:Where is the territory of the unclaimed country of the world?

Later, in 1902, the United Kingdom revised the border between the two countries, and assigned Bill Taviler (the dotted line on the left side of the picture above), which originally belonged to the Sudan in 1899, to Egypt, and the former Halaby that belonged to Egypt. The dotted line on the right side of the map is assigned to the Sudan.

This adjustment later made a big deal. It turns out that Halabi is much more valuable than Bilteville, it is about ten times the size of Bilteville, with an oasis of grass and trees, and close to the Red Sea, with port Saladin and Hala. Compared with the current population of about 10,000 people, oil was later discovered.

With such an adjustment, the Sudan is naturally satisfied, but Egypt is not satisfied.

Both countries are afraid that if they claim Biltayville as a territory, they will undermine their position in the dispute over the sovereignty of Halabe, because this will be said by the other party to recognize the territorial boundaries that are not good for themselves. Both of them didn’t want to lick the sesame and lost the watermelon.

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