Superhero trivia:The North Korean Superheroes

For a country that does not even have light at night, it would be easy to think that North…

For a country that does not even have light at night, it would be easy to think that North Korea has not been reached by the superhero culture. After all, fictional characters such as superheroes are more typical of Western culture, which North Korea seems to despise strongly.

But the truth is that even North Koreans have been seduced by the idea of having a superhuman figure to admire. Of course, they have to maintain their “anti-imperialist” posture. So, instead of following foreign superheroes, they have decided to create their own.

Superhero trivia:The North Korean Superheroes
Superhero trivia:The North Korean Superheroes

In Korea, there has been the story of a hero named Hong Gildong for centuries. In short, this is the Korean version of Robin Hood. In 1986, North Korea released its own film about the character set in feudal Korea. In it, Hong Gildong is an alienated man who becomes a vigilante, protecting innocent people from bad guys and even freeing his city from enemy forces.

On the other hand, images of a supposed North Korean film in the works were leaked in 2014. These images show what seems to be an original superhero wearing a military uniform, riding a winged horse, and using a torch as a weapon. The superhero, like a North Korean version of Superman, attacks the “bad guys,” who turn out to be the Americans, by throwing their gold into the sea and thus giving a blow to capitalism.[

We also know of a North Korean comic book from 2001 called Blizzard in the Jungle. In the story, a doctor named Kim Yeong-hwan uses the wisdom of his leader Kim—and the power conferred by a plant grown in Korea—to help the survivors of a plane crash.

But beyond all this, there is no greater superhero for the North Koreans than their own leader, Kim Jong Un. According to local news, the controversial ruler can control climate as well as cure all diseases. Last but not least, he has found unicorns.

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