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Shoes trivia:Fujian Putian's shoemaking level

There are more than 3,000 shoe factories in Putian, Fujian, China. The annual turnover is as high as 10 billion. Many people may have heard more or less. In fact, many shoes produced here are fake. Shoes and even Putian have become "the capital of fake shoes."

Shoes trivia:Fujian Putian's shoemaking level-3trivia
Shoes trivia:Fujian Putian's shoemaking level

However, it is little known that there are many fake and fake fake shoes here. It is said that the Nike shoes are imitation, and the original version is exactly the same. The machines used in the production are exactly the same. The leather fabrics of the shoes are exactly the same, even The masters of the shoes are all dug up from the original Nike factory. The shoes produced by the Nike factory are not authentic. In addition to the price, the fake shoes and the authentic products are the same.

Then the problem is coming. Since the production process has reached an advanced level, why should we copy it? Why can't we make our own brand?


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