Many people think that ancient China was a society where men were superior to women, and that daughters did not have the right to inherit property. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Ancient daughters have three identities. In virgins, they refer to those daughters who have not married. They have the right to inheritance. Their inheritance share is half of the vesting of the unsuccessful brothers.

Heritage trivia:Can an ancient daughter inherit property in China?
Heritage trivia:Can an ancient daughter inherit property in China?

Married women are the daughters who have already married. They generally have no inheritance rights. Because they have dowry when they marry, it is equivalent to inheritance. However, if the maiden’s family has a situation of ruin, it is neither living. Brothers, then they can inherit but not inherit all, even if the parents have passed the son who has married, they can inherit 1/3 of the share;

In addition, there is also a kind of niece, which refers to those women who have returned to their maidens after their husbands died or divorced. The maidens also have the right to inherit, but their share is lower than that of the virgins. In fact, the Chinese ancients are Under the patriarchal thinking, it is quite human in inheriting property.

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