About the marriage of Nivar woman. There is no widow in this nation, because all the girls of this nation will hold a wedding when they are 7 to 9 years old, and this wedding is not a human or an animal, but a fruit that looks like a melon, named Belgo. The Nival called this “wedding” as “Yi Xi”.

Widow Trivia:This nation has no widows?
Widow Trivia:This nation has no widows?

Because this fruit can be guaranteed to last for a long time without decay, the Nival symbolizes “eternal marriage”. This fruit married to the girl is the woman’s first husband. She can marry a man at the age of marriage. But it has to be counted from the second.

After the woman is married, if she feels unhappy with her current husband, she will put Berguo, her first husband, on the pillow of her second husband and tell him that “I want to leave,” meaning to tell him that he Unhappy; if the second husband died unfortunately, the first husband, Belle, will be placed next to the body of the second husband.

In the Nival, “Yixi” is highly valued, and today’s “Yixi” has become one of the grand festivals of the Nivars. On that day, there will be many girls from 7 to 9 years old. Together, like a collective wedding, marrying one’s life to a fruit, after the “Yixi” ceremony, the girl will be able to have the blessing of the great god of Siwa.

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