In our traditional culture, some people in the family die, need to be fragrant, we are used to bowls filled with rice. And the chopsticks are inserted into the bowl, so there will be bad associations, which will become taboos over time. Some old people said that chopsticks were inserted, and in ancient times it was a broken meal.

Customs trivia:Why can't chopsticks be inserted in a bowl?
Customs trivia:Why can’t chopsticks be inserted in a bowl?

Several uncivilized eating habits:

1、Chopsticks are inserted in the rice (said above);

2, knocking on the bowl and knocking on the chopsticks (the old man said that this is a fascinating charity);

3, put your head on the rice, vegetables, soup (determine not to slag?);

4, the dish is crossed with others (to eat saliva, bad appetite);

5, eat with chopsticks to pick the teeth (this is disgusting).

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